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CSS Services

Services under federal public service commission are given as follow (BS-17) Services under federal public service ..

5 years ago

CSS result 2013

CSS exams 2013 will be held in the month of February as usual. There are two kinds of different tests were taken one in ..

5 years ago
CSS 2013 Data Sheet Pakistan

CSS date sheet 2013

CSS exams every year held in the start of the year, approximately in the month of February. The Federal Public Service ..

5 years ago

CSS exam subjects

Only the payment has been made, the next step is preparation for the exam courses. The six compulsory subjects which ..

5 years ago

CSS exam fee

CSS exams applicants must deposit fee Rs. 1,500 in favor of the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan (FPSC). ..

5 years ago

CSS exam preparation

For students, who intend to prepare without the help of academies, studying at a library can be of benefit due to the ..

5 years ago

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