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Peshawar University Master Results 2014

Peshawar University Master Results 2014, all results will be available once declared by Peshawar University  If we fail to get the announcement of any result; feel free to inform us in order to help other students to get earlier and fast results.

Declared results 2014

History Privt.(Prev),Computer Science (Previous), Botany Previous, Archaeology Previous,Islamiyat (Reg/Privt)Previous/Final , Economics (Reg) Previous and Final/Privt. (Prev), Psychology Regular- Final, Physics Previous and Final), Social Work Regular (Final) ,Pashto (Regular) (Previous/Final), English Regular-(Previous), Urdu Reg (Previous), Maths Regular (Prev), History Privt.(Prev),International-Relations Regulr/Privt(Prev),Pashto Regulr/Privt(Prev/Final), MEd, MLibrarySci(Prev), Archaeology Reg (Final) , IR Reg (Final ) Political Science Reg (Final), Statistics Reg ( previous), Urdu (Regular)Final,Chemistry Regular(Final),International Relation Private(Final), Journalism (Final) and Urban Regional(Previous, English Private (Previous), Mathematics Reg (Final), Philosophy Reg (Final) and Political science Private (Previous,Urdu Private (Previous), History Private (Final), Economics Private (Final, English Private(Final), Political science Private (Final), Urdu Private (Final)Home Economics Private (Previous & Final)

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Written by Moxet Khan

Moxet Khan

Administrator of TP manages technical issues, social media accounts and other major activities of the portal. He is founder of SoftEmblems a Pakistani based startup, Pukhtoogle, HumansOfPeshawar & thePashto Dictionary. Want to discuss any query about website? Use the followoing social accounts to reach him.

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