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GMAT Scores

On your GMAT score report, you will see the following information:

Your AWA score will be scored separately, from 0.0 to 6.0. A score of 4.0 or above is generally considered strong.

The quantitative and the verbal sections are individually scored on a raw-score scale of 0 to 60, with each raw score assigned a percentile. For example, if you scored a 43 raw score in your math section, that will earn you a 68th percentile, meaning that 68% of all GMAT test takers scored less than you. Note that the raw-score-to-percentile assignments vary dramatically between the math and verbal sections. For example, in verbal a 43 is 96th percentile.

The two raw scores combined create your overall score on a scale of 200 to 800. Your final overall score will also have a percentile ranking. This final score is extremely important, because it’s the number that admissions committees use to compare candidates!

Written by Moxet Khan

Moxet Khan

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