GRE Categories

GRE is divided into two categories: GRE General and GRE Subject GGRE GeneralGRE General is conducted throughout the year. This test program measures students’ abilities in Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical fields. It does not require any subject-specific theoretical study. SGRE SubjectGRE Subject is organized only thrice in a year. This test program measures achievement in […]

GRE Preparation

You must have ample number of questions and topics for better practice and understanding. You can collect all stuff from: Books Many books are available in the market for the preparation of GRE. The main disadvantage of book in the preparation is the lack of guidance in case of difficulties and the lack of quick […]

GRE Registration

There are multiple ways for getting GRE registration in Pakistan. Following is an exclusive list of all the different methods/channels that can be used to register for GRE test in Pakistan. Prometric Testing Center:This is the most preferred method of GRE registration in Pakistan. Interested GRE student in Pakistan can visit any of Prometric Testing […]

GRE Introduction

The Graduate Record Examination is an international test taken to estimate verbal, mathematical, and analytical skills of applicants who want to get admission in colleges and universities. The Graduate Record Examination is simply known as GRE. The GRE test measures: Analytical Writing:Measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, specifically the test taker’s ability to express […]

GMAT Scores

On your GMAT score report, you will see the following information: Your AWA score will be scored separately, from 0.0 to 6.0. A score of 4.0 or above is generally considered strong. The quantitative and the verbal sections are individually scored on a raw-score scale of 0 to 60, with each raw score assigned a […]


Think you’re ready for business school? Not until you’ve mastered the GMAT. Here are 6 tips to help. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the standardized test most used by business schools across the country and it’s an integral part in the business school admissions process. Though it seems a business-focused exam would be […]

GMAT Sections

The GMAT exam consists of three main parts, the Analytical Writing Assessment, the Quantitative section, and the Verbal section Analytical Writing Assessment The GMAT exam begins with the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). The AWA consists of two separate writing tasks—Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument. You are allowed 30 minutes to complete […]

GMAT Prep Books & CDs

GMAT Preparation Books/CDs GMAT CAT Practice Tests/Questions GMAT Essay Guides/Grading Services/Sample Essays GMAT Preparation Books/CDs The Official Guide for GMAT Review – 11th Edition (Latest) Price: Rs. 1800Published by: GMACPublished by the people who administer the GMAT. It is probably the most authentic source of GMAT preparation. The questions in this book are actual GMAT questions. […]

GMAT Test Registration

If you plan to take the GMAT® in Pakistan, you can register in the following ways: Online By Phone By Fax or Mail or Courier List of available GMAT test centers in Pakistan Register Online To schedule a test appointment online in Pakistan, you can complete the required details online on the official GMAT registration […]