WWF organizes spellathon stage III at The Educators

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WWF-Pakistan organized the final stage of Spellathon with The Educators at the organization’s head office and participating students from several school campuses qualified for the final round of the spelling bee.
Students were tested according to their grade level and were given 60 minutes for a word dictation round in which they were tested on their ability to spell the words provided.
After a short break, another 30 minutes were provided for a word definition round and students were tested on their ability to provide a suitable meaning of the words provided. According to Sania Rauf Khan, Senior Manager Corporate Relations, WWF-Pakistan “Through Spellathon, we hope to expand our message of conservation and sustainability to maximum number students across Pakistan so that environment can be protected”. Ali Raza, Project Director, The Educators said, “We are thankful to WWF-Pakistan for initiating such an event. It just not only gives students another learning platform but brings out the positive competitive spirit in them”. WWF-Pakistan has been conducting this nationwide environment spelling competition, the Spellathon, in schools for the past 17 years. The organization and The Educators joined hands to carry out a customized inter-school competition of the Spellathon and approximately 8,670 students from different branches of The Educators located across Pakistan participated in the competition. This activity was sponsored by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL).
Spellathon is an annual event in most schools across Pakistan. The program was initiated to target the youth of Pakistan to create greater environmental awareness. The programme helps to promote knowledge of the environment in a fun and exciting way, highlighting the need to conserve, protect and manage Pakistan’s natural resources. It gives an insight to the students into the environmental dynamics of Pakistan, as well as challenges and solutions for environmental conservation. Today, the number of participants has increased from 25,000 students in 1997 to 125,000 all across Pakistan. This has been achieved with the support of schools that have endorsed the Spellathon as an essential part of their yearly calendar. The success of Spellathon is also due to support from the corporate sector which has been helpful in sponsoring the event to spread environmental awareness.