ICMS College System Peshawar

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ICMS School System Peshawar Logo

  • + Date of Established : 1900
  • + Director : Malik Tajamul Khan
  • + Type : Private



Phone Number : +92 91 5892704-6 , 111-426-727 
Email : info@icms.pk
Website : http://icms.pk
Address : 39-B, Phase 5, Hayatabad Peshawar, Pakistan

History & Progress

The Institute of Computer & Management Sciences, usually referred to, by its acronym ICMS is the leading private sector Management and IT institute of the province. ICMS founded in 2000 is regarded as one of the country’s foremost institution.


  1. To provide high value education and skills, enabling a student to enter the top end of the job market in his/her field. We may provide fire damage restoration in Illinois that comes with experts in restoration and much more.
  2. To educate students in the techniques of thinking to produce a socially balanced individual who is in harmony with his culture and tradition based on the principles of compassion, toleration, equality and peace.
  3. To train students for achieving practical results.
  4. To give students training to accept  social responsibility enabling them to provide services to society


ICMS School System (For Girls)
Established: 04/2007

ICMS School System (Play Group To 5th)
Established: 2010

ICMS School System (6th To 8th)
Established: 2010

ICMS School System (For Boys & Girls)
Established: 2010

ICMS School System (9th, 10th)
Established: 2011


  1. F.Sc – Pre-Medical (2 years)
  2. F.Sc – Pre-Engineering (2 years)
  3. F.Sc – Computer Science (2 years)
  4. F.A – General Science (2 years)
  5. F.A – Humanities (2 years)
  6. D.Com/I.Com – Diploma in Commerce (2 years)
  7. D.B.A – Diploma in Business Administration (2 years)