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English guru is English language learning video training course that provides you how to learn English language in easy and precise way. This video training series is a step by step mode of teaching with the level of English increasing after each step.

English guru is very simple yet effective method of teaching English. It is based on principals of distant learning programs. It gives you all round support for learner. This English course is very popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. This learning method will develop learning skills in you and gives you confidence in your practical life.

Why English guru?

English becomes global language we see the English is dominating every where in every field of life whether it’s computer, engineering, Telecom etc. for that reason we should develop our skills to meet up global requirements.

Do you feel shy to speak English?

English guru is a system that helps in improving English at your home. So stop wasting your time and money in searching English speaking institutes because this training course gives you what you need. This course is developed by Experts and professionals with that mind to help folks who are hesitate to speak English in school, college’s, universities, or even in universities. Nowadays world becomes global village that’s why it becomes important that you can speak English.

The package contains

  1. 3 Main Books
  2. 3 Video CDs
  3. Practice Book
  4. Dictionary
  5. Tense Chart

If your is English is poor even though you have excellent brain and you come up with new ideas still you are lacking in professional life. Those who have good speaking and writing skill may take your ideas and present it to top management and get credit because of the language skills they got.

For that in mind this course is made up for those males and females who are willing to improve their skill to compete in professional life.

It’s not only in Pakistan that English Guru sells like hot cake but, in nations like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Indonesia, Russia, China and France, English Guru is being liked and asked for just as much.

Download For Free

thePeshawar.com ensures free availability of English Guru for you, you can download all the books and videos tutorials for free, following are separted links for books and videos.

  1. All Books (65 MB)
  2. Complete Video Tutorial (172 MB)