G-Night 2K18

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NUCES Pwr. ACM Student Chapter is going to organize a WHOLE NIGHT E-GAMING event. Yes, you read it right – “A whole night E-gaming event”. This event will serve as a refresher for all those students who are bored of tiresome and tedious study routine and want some entertainment. This event isn’t only for gamer’s but the non-gamer’s will also enjoy the night full of entertainment as there will be DJ Night, Movies, Prize Games, Live Concert and food stalls also. The food will be provided to participants on discount.

The event will consist of 5 modules. The winning teams/players of each module will be given cash prizes/Winning Shield. Outsiders are allowed. The entry fee for the non-gamer’s is Rs.200 and for gamer’s, the entry fee is according to the game type.

The details of the modules are given.
1. Hardcore E-Gaming
In the 1st module, there will be Hardcore E-gaming. There is a total of seven games in hardcore e-gaming module.
The structure of fee and prize money will be updated on the event page soon.

2. DJ Night
In this module, a DJ will be there to make your night full of entertainment.

3. Live Concert
A band will be performing live in this event.

4. Instant Cash Prize Mini Games
In the 4th module, there will be instant cash prizes mini-games.

5. Movie Night
There are certain people who don’t take interest in gaming. In order to entertain them, Movie’s will be played on screens. There will be a total of two movies playing at a time. One for male participants and another for female participants.

Register Now : https://www.facebook.com/events/293006314636346/