Gaming Competition G-Night 2k16

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First of its kind competition in Peshawar which is full based on e-gaming for e-games fans and players, NUCES Peshawar ACM Student Chapter is going to organize a whole night e-gaming event. This event will serve as a refresher for all those students who are bored of tiresome and tedious study routine and want some entertainment. The event will consist of 3 modules. The winning teams/players of each module will be given cash prizes/gifts. Food stalls of different vendors will be installed in university and they will provide food to the students on discount. Outsiders will be allowed but solely on reference basis. The entry fee for the non-gamers is Rs. 50 and for gamers, entry fee is according to the game type. The entry fee will include dinner for gamers only. The details of the modules are given.

Gaming Competition G-Night 2k16 –

1. Hardcore E-Gaming
In 1st module, there will be Hardcore E-gaming. There are total of six games in hardcore e-gaming module.
The structure of fee and prise money will be updated on event page.

2. Instant Cash Prize Games

In 2nd module, there will be instant cash prizes games. The 2nd module consists of two categories.

a. Batch wise Short Games

In first category, there will be short duration games. The participants will have to register themselves on spot. In one turn, one batch (10-12 students) will compete with another. The participant with higher score will be given prize money/gift. The games in this category are:

1)Flappy Bird
2)Color Switch

b. Challenge Games

In this category of 2nd module, the two participants will have to compete against each other to win a game. The winner will then challenge the crowd for the game. The one player winning 5 challenges in a row will be awarded with gift or cash prize money. The games included in this category are:

Ping pong

3. Movie Night
There are certain people who don’t take interest in gaming. In order to entertain those students, a movie will be played on screens. There will be a total of two movies played at a time. One for male participants and another for female participants


Date :

Nov 25 at 6 PM to Nov 26 at 6 AM UTC+05

Location :

Fast University Peshawar

160, Industrial Estate Hayatabad, Jamrud Road, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan, Peshawar, Pakistan-25000