X-TREME – 2014 CECOS University

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An event larger than life. 2 days re energizing conference, with the theme of “Dont Follow Leap”. Based on the biggest challenge faced by Youth: mental barriers to solve problems, expecting some one else to do it for us, even though we are sanctified with vast resources.

”X-TREME” is a 02 Day Youth Conference at Cecos University Peshawar for those who love life and aim to live it to the MAX!

We believe it is POSSIBLE if you have a good set of QUESTIONS. For starter;


-> Do YOU know your $#*!
-> Your recipe for FAILURE
-> What do you want to do with your LIFE?
-> Why students recite NATIONAL ANTHEM everyday?
-> Do you hate the PERSON in mirror?
-> Do you STAND for something?
-> What’s your PASSION?
-> Are you a good TEAM PLAYER?
-> Do you sit on IDEAS for too long?
-> Can you come up with QUESTIONS?

Participants Age-limits:
15-26 years

Registration: http://bitly.com/ZUDInP

Registration Fee:
400 PKR per participant for 02 days
(Discounts available for Groups)

Registration Fee Includes:
Workshops, team based activities, refreshments, facilitation by certified trainers, workshop handouts and conference certificates

Certified youth trainers who turns the mind .
they are believer, and one of their beliefs is that paradigms and perceptions don’t change facts. they creates visions and dreams from facts. Like a wise wizards, they uses an assortment of tools, substance and temperature in their cauldron.

Curious? Get in touch:

Mian Samiullah

Salman Shah
Vice President
Muhammad HaRoon
depty Director Communication

Time: Sat Nov 15-16 2014 at 09:00 am
Venue: CECOS University Of IT and Emerging Sciences, Phase 6, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan