List of Schools in Peshawar

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Attention Please! This is not the complete list of schools in Peshawar, it is requested to you if you know any school in Peshawar you can add them in this list by replying in the comments box given at the end of this article.

  1. Agricultural University Public School & College For Boys
  2. Ali Public School
  3. Alsyed Model School
  4. Agricultural University Public School & College For Girls
  5. Alama Quaid School Peshawar
  6. Alma Mater School
  7. Al-Muslim Public High School
  8. Al Muslim Cambridge School & Degree College
  9. Al Syed Model School Badaber Peshawar
  10. Army Public school
  11. Bakri School
  12. Benevolent Public School
  13. Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan)
  14. Creative Learning School
  15. Cambridge Phonic Nursery School (Gulbahar Peshawar)
  16. Centennial Model School
  17. Dr. AQ Khan School System
  18. Islamic Children Academy, Miskeen Abad Nouthia, Jadeed, Peshawar, Cantt.
  19. S.J Grammar Public School Nouthia Qadeem Peshawar Cantt.
  20. City Grammar School Peshawar Cantt
  21. City School
  22. Convent Model School
  23. Country Grammar School
  24. Daffodils School And Nursery
  25. Dawn Public School
  26. Edwardes College School
  27. Educators School
  28. Farabi Model School Chamkani
  29. Faran Science School
  30. Fizaia Schools
  31. Forward Model School
  32. Forward Public School
  33. Frontier Youth Academy
  34. Frontier Science Academy
  35. Frontier Children Academy
  36. Frontier Grammar School
  37. Frontier Model School
  38. Frontier Public High school
  39. FYA
  40. Govt Higher Secondary School Chamkani
  41. Govt Higher Secondary School Urmar
  42. Govt Higher Secondary School No1 Peshawar City
  43. Govt Higher Secondary School No2 Peshawar City
  44. Govt Higher Secondary School No3 Peshawar City
  45. Govt Higher Secondary School No4 Peshawar City
  46. Greenwich Grammar School (Charsadda Road Peshawar)
  47. Hathad Public School
  48. Hudaibia Model School
  49. Hira High School Chamkani
  50. Horizon
  51. IIUI School
  52. ICMS School for Girls
  53. IME (Instituut for Management education)
  54. Institute Of Learning and Motivation
  55. Islamia Collegiate School
  56. Islamic Institution Of Modern Studies
  57. Ittefaq Model School
  58. Khan Academy of Business and Technology
  59. Khyber college of commerce & Management
  60. Khyber college of Sciences
  61. Khyber Grammer School & Degree College
  62. Khyber Institute for Childerens KIC
  63. LIMS
  64. Little Angel Public School
  65. Municipal Public School and College
  66. New Shehzad Model School
  67. New Model Public High School
  68. Nizam Cambridge Public School
  69. Oxfords College School
  70. Peshawar Cambridge School System
  71. Pamir High school
  72. PakTurk International Schools and Colleges
  73. Police Public School Peshawar
  74. Peshawar Grammar School
  75. Peshawar Model School
  76. Peshawar National school
  77. Peshawar Public School
  78. Presentation Convent High School
  79. Pakistan Academic Public High School
  80. Pakistan School of Education
  81. Qurtaba Public School
  82. Red Rose School and Montessori
  83. Racines School System
  84. Roots School System
  85. Salah Ud Din School
  86. Sir Syed Public School Gulbahar
  87. Shaheen House Cambridge school Peshawar
  88. Shaheen Students Academy Shahi Bala Peshawar
  89. Sparkle Public School
  90. Stanford High School
  91. Stanford Learning School
  92. St. John High School
  93. Seena Model School
  94. St. Joseph School
  95. St. Mary’s High School
  96. St. Marys School
  97. The Dominators school
  98. The Suffah School
  99. The Glitters Education System Hayatabad
  100. University Model School for Girls
  101. University Public College
  102. University Public School
  103. Warsak Model School and College
  104. Working Folks Grammar Schools & Colleges
  105. The Suffah School, Dalazak Road, Corporation Colony
  106. Sir Syed public School Gulbahar (boys branch)
  107. Sir Syed public School Gulbahar (girls branch)