Agriculture University IIASA’s Postdoctoral Program for 2013

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The application deadline is February 28 2013. Applications are invited from candidates in natural and social sciences, mathematics, policy, and engineering, within 5 years of their doctoral degree, or who anticipate completing their degree in time to take up the post in 2013.

Please help by forwarding the announcement to as many appropriate graduate students, graduate department secretaries, university careers offices, and listservs as possible. Information on the eligibility for and terms of the postdoc, which is fully funded for 1-2 years, can be found at the IIASA postdoc website. The online application for the position is also available there.

A list of IIASA’s Global Problem Areas and Research Programs is listed below, and much more information on the research activities is available on the Website. Communication with the relevant program representatives is strongly encouraged at the earliest possible stage, and before submitting an application. This level of personal interaction is vital not only to discuss research ideas and ascertain their relevance to IIASA’s scientific agenda but it also allows much more realistic formulation of research plans and expectations on the part of both IIASA and the applicant. An introductory e-mail to a representative is preferred as a means of first contact.

Once the selection procedure has come to a close, accepted candidates are offered:

an allowance for relocation expenses to and from Laxenburg; support for monthly business travel; a salary that is internationally competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. It is exempt from taxation in Austria, but subject to the principle of income aggregation.

In addition, all appointees are eligible for either state or private health insurance.

What is IIASA and what are its Program Areas?

IIASA is an international institution, supported by twenty member nations, engaged in scientific research aimed at providing policy insight on issues of regional and global importance in the following fields:

Global Program Areas

  1. Energy and Climate Change
  2. Food and Water
  3. Poverty and Equity

Program Areas

  1. Energy
  2. Transitions to New Technologies
  3. Advanced Systems Analysis
  4. Ecosystem Services and Management
  5. Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
  6. Evolution and Ecology
  7. World Population
  8. Risk Policy and Vulnerability
  9. Water

Detailed information about each program is on the IIASA Website:

Please contact the Tanja Huber, IIASA’s Postdoctoral Program Coordinator, with questions about the program.

Abubakr Muhammad
Secretary IIASA NMO, Pakistan 

For More Information Contact 
Rizwan Ahmad
Director P&D 
Phone: + 92 91 9216328