Education System in Pakistan

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Importance of Education System:
Since education is the most important factor of the community development and society building,it is therefore, very important to have a competetive system for education, where quality education is provided to the “nation’s builders”. Furthermore, the education system should be standardized in all the regions of the country to maintain the equality and justice and to polish the youth and young learners in such a way that they become good human-beings, good leaders, expert professionals and good muslims. Proper education system is also important to rise the literacy rate of the country and competency level of the “future leaders”. It is not possible to build a competent nation, produce good leaders and professionals without the finest education system.

Salient Features of Education System in Pakistan:
Education system in Pakistan is not a good system at all as it is not standardized in all the regions. The government educational institutes do not provide quality education as the teachers are only concerned with their salaries and other monetary benefits. The private educational institutes are running the institutes on business basis as and their concern is making high profits and huge revenues. Talent is wasted in the entire country due to below standard education in both Government and private educational institutes. The teachers in both sectors of education are not properly trained and groomed as most of the teachers are those who couldn’t get right places in other sector and compelled to make their places in educational institutions.

Major Flaws in Education System of Pakistan:
There are several major flaws in the education system of Pakistan including lack of trained and professional teachers (who can love their profession), lack of interest towards education especially in the rural areas, low standard education especially in the Government institutions and the language barriers in learning for the students living in rural areas of the country.The language for education is not the one and uniformed. In the rural areas of Sindh province, Sindhi language is the medium of education while there are no books other than “Sindhi” is written in that language. Likewise it is in K.P.K, Balochistan and Punjab. Our books for higher education are written and taught in English while our student from rural backgrounds have problem in understanding and learning in that language. Urdu is though our national language and the entire nation can understand, speak, read and write in this language but unfortunately it did not become our educational language. This is because we did not work sincerely up-till now to produce a better education system for our nation. It is shamful that “Urdu” the national language is not the medium of education even in the University which is built in the name of “Urdu” called “Federal Urdu University”.

Conclusion and Recommendation:
It is very important to remove the flaws of the education system to make it more effective and efficient. It is recommended to create a uniform standard of education for the entire country including both the rural and urban areas. The language barriers should be removed so that standardized education can be provided to all the learners equally. A uniformed medium should be selected for the entire regions of the country that should either be English or Urdu. Education should be free till graduation and for brilliant and talented students further education should also be sponsored by the Government.
By Muhammad Idrees Hadi