Awareness seminar on HIV/Aids held at KMC

khyber medical university
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An awareness seminar was organized in Khyber Medical Collage on HIV/Aids and the precautionary measures here on Tuesday.
The speakers said that because of the injected drug users the ration of HIV in the country is 20 % while its ratio is increasing day by day because of the lack special measures and precautionary measures.

On the occasion Secretary Health Mushtaq Jadon said that because of the drug transfusion most of the patients were vulnerable to HIV, adding that the provincial government would soon work on the implementation drug transfusion act.

He further said that the government would soon established other centre of HIV in Swat, Malakanad and other far-flung districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and will provide free treatment.

He added that globally 35.3 million people were affected because of the HIV while most of them were children who were vulnerable to HIV, adding that female were also vulnerable to HIV.

Post Graduate Medical Institute Dean Dr. Riaz Anwar said that most of the HIV patients were from south Asian countries while 2.1 million people were registered with HIV in year 2013 in Pakistan. He further said that in 2013 around 1.5 million people were died in Pakistan because of the HIV disease, adding that most of the people who were living in Gulf countries transmitting HIV when they came to their country.

He informed that if we follow the Islamic principle and take extre measures on HIV then it can be control, adding that it is also the responsibility of media and civil society to inform the public about this disease.

On the occasion KMC principle Dr. Ijaz Khan also address and talk on the precautionary measure of HIV.
At the end the students and teachers were organized a walk for the awareness of HIV in Khyber Medical Collage.