Bloomfield Hall holds Annual Talent Show

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The Annual Talent Show held at Bloomfield Hall Senior Campus was a huge success. Mothers of the students were invited to see their children perform in plays and skits.

It was a blend of Eastern and Western classics and the students acted out on the Muslim conquest of Sindh led by Muhammad Bin Qasim, a modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and a distortion of the famous fairytale Cinderella into Cinderfella in which the main character was a boy in search of true love instead of the original Cinderella who was sought out by a prince.

The show from the beginning to the end held the attention of the audience and provided the much needed entertainment. The crowd was in fits of laughter over the act showing a forgetful husband and the interview of a terrorist. The show ended with a zombie dance performed by the young students and the mothers cheered as their children jumped off the stage, right into the audience. The zombie movies received the most applause and proved an excellent show stopper.

The prize distribution ceremony was held after the show ended in which students were given certificates for their academic achievements for 2010-2011.

Mothers of the students expressed satisfaction over the event and said it was worth their time. They praised the administration for organizing an excellent show.