Boost The Confidence – II

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Motivated Youth Organization is a youth organization; its aims and objectives are to work towards a cohesive society. MYO believes in the empowerment of the youth through motivation and autonomy. Tourism, sports and boost confidence coaching are its tools to achieving it aims and objectives.

The strategy of MYO to enhance the skills of youth is by providing them with an excellent opportunity to express their concerns and strengths, and to get proper guidance to develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and beliefs.

Some Questions that bothering you?


  1. You want to be reknown but you can’t take step, why?
  2. Your fellows laugh at your ideas but you stay silent, why?
  3. You are afraid of participating and expressing your views, why?
  4. You have leadership skills but can’t lead society, Reason?
  5. You have the lack of confidence, what makes you feel so?
  6. You are capable of responding, but you feel reluctant to do so or even you can’t, why?
  7. You underestimate yourself which let you down, why?

What’s special about the conference?

  1. Become creative and efficient, say NO to hesitation.
  2. Chance to share your feelings and get proper guideline.
  3. Get know about the people who become celebrities through social networks.
  4. You will grasp the skill of effective decision making.
  5. You will get understand how people see you.
  6. You will be guided how to deal with your fears and inferiority complex.
  7. The most important and essential, you will feel confident, motivated and positive which will lead you to excel in your life.

TRAINERS: Trainers are divided in three different groups.

  1. Trainers who back to country with new Ideas: Trainers who have examined the foreign society, get motivated with their professional skills and have aims to motivate the Youth for their own and society development.
  2. Professional Trainers: Trainers who have attended such events and working on the motivations of the youth.
  3. Practical but new Trainers: Trainers who have faced worst situations and have fought against them. Now they are on the top, aiming to motivate the youth with their personal expressions.

(Limited seats only)

Registration FEE: 400/- only for Local participants
For outside city: To be announce soon
Register your names before it gets late:
For Registrations: