Call for Paper: 1st National Conference on Socio-Economics and Political currents in FATA: A way Forward

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Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is well known as the region that has consistently grown terrorism, extremism and political instability at a fast pace over the last decade and a half while being home to the largest concentration of Pakistan’s poor.  Interrogating the extent of and reasons for endemic poverty, coexisting with sustained economic growth, and disturbances in social engineering with the arrival of foreigners as terrorists and extremists is the basic raison d’être for the proposed two-day conference to be held during June11-12, 2015 in the University of Peshawar. Evaluating ‘what has worked’, ‘what has not’ and, therefore, ‘how precisely do we go forward’ will form the core scientific content of the proposed conference.

Being part of a unique university with a mandate of inculcating regional consciousness among the citizens of the region (India, Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Cell for FATA Studies considers it an obligation to contribute to the understanding of the challenges and opportunities for inclusive development in the FATA, especially in its social, economic and political dimensions. Through this conference, we hope to provide a platform for sharing both broad visions of the FATA’s collective future, as well as results of detailed research focusing on specific themes relevant for the region.


The conference will focus on (but not limited to the) following themes:

  1. Trade, economic integration and prospects for regional cooperation through FATA
  2. Governance, regulations, and institutions- including issues of economic and social
  3. Conflict in society and Militancy in FATA
  4. Revival of FATA’s local economy and economic development
  5. Development/role of Civil Society in FATA
  6. Social cohesion, arrival of foreigner terrorists & extremists and their effects on FATA anthropology
  7. Governance structure and its viable replacement: A futuristic approach
  8. FATA’s role in countering extremism and terrorism in the region
  9.  FATA and Pak-Afghan Relations
  10. Human development and the welfare state (including issues of poverty, inequality and vulnerability)
  11. Growth and environmental sustainability (including issues of disasters, climate change, energy and natural resources)

The submissions may be research papers, work-in-progress, case studies or experiential insights from researchers and practitioners.


Publication Opportunities:

Papers presented at the conference will be published in a book form bearing an ISBN number.

Last date for abstract submission:  12 May, 2015

Last date for submission of paper: 10 June, 2015


Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi (Phd, Edinburgh)
Coordinator/Associate Professor
Cell for FATA Studies (CFS)
Department of International Relations
University of Peshawar