Centennial school in shambles EDO not worried over cracks in 117-year old building

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Government Centennial Model High School Peshawar City which was established in 1895 is on of the oldest educational institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Over 115-year building is a master peace of architecture but slowly and gradually it is loosing its shape and is getting risky for over 2000 students studying in the school.

Principal of the school Peer Shabeer Ahmad in an interview to The Frontier Post showed several classrooms with cracks in the walls and ceiling, broken wooden blocks and damaged doors. 

The principal also showed fascinating and state of the art minarets which according to him swing in different direction during the strong breeze. He said he was afraid that these minarets could fell down on near by houses and could cause deadly accidents.

He also showed dilapidated ceilings from which rainwater dips in when it rains. Peer Shabir revealed that some classrooms of school were declared dangerous by C&W officials but yet no fund was allocated for renovating the school building and there was no other option but to accommodate students in these dangerous classrooms.

“What the world will think of us if God forbid portion of the school falls down, Shabeer Ahmed said.

It is pertinent to mention that Government High School No. 3 and Government High School No. 1 both were established after Centennial Model High School and there buildings were already renovated, but no one was giving attention to this historical educational institution. 

Principal of the school further said that not even Provincial Health Minister Syed Zahir Ali Shah had visited the school despite of the fact that his residence is just yards away from the school.

Principal said that school building was national heritage and the government should allocate special fund for perseverance this historical building.

When contacted Executive District Officer (EDO) Elementary and Secondary Education Sharif Gul said a school that was over a 100 years old would one day have cracks and other problems but he added that it was not a big deal as there are dozens of other schools in Peshawar that are in similar condition.

EDO informed that renovating of schools was not the responsibility of the education department but of C&W. He asserted that they just recommend the matter to C&W.