Contribution of Islamic Banking & Ihsan Trust

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A seminar on “Contribution of Islamic Banking & Ihsan Trust in promoting Higher Education in Pakistan” arranged today dated 14th May, 2015 by Management Science Department of City University, Peshawar, in which Mr. Fayyaz ur Rehman Khan (Vice President of Meezan Bank), and Mr. Zulqarnain Haider (Assistant Manager) came as speaker to the audience.

Mr. Fayyaz ur Rehman Khan highlighted a historical background of Meezan Bank since its establishment in 2002. He also addressed the role of Ihsan Trust (which is a Meezan Bank trust) in supporting the students in higher education with granting them interest free loan so their education did not get stop at any level at Universities allover in Pakistan. After the seminar, renewal of MOU between Ihsan Trust and City University took place in, and the shields as an honor were also given to the guests from Meezan Bank (Ihsan Trust).
Ihsan Trust (IT) is now expanding its operations as per the vision to facilitate more than 100,000 students by providing Qarz e Hasna (Interest Free Loan) facility to the maximum number of needy and deserving students seeking for higher studies in Pakistan. Ihsan Trust is creating awareness among people, so they could know more about Ihsan Trust and the students may contact and approach them through university focal person respectively.