Corruption a global issue: Dr Xiao

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China has helped Pakistan in every gloomy situation and will continue support in its war against terror, if United States of America withdraws help from Pakistan, said Dr. Xiao Jianming Chinese scholar of Institute of Dianchi Cooperation for Opening Asia in his lecturer entitled “18th Congress of Communist Party of China and Religion” which was organized on Tuesday by Department of International Relations of University of Peshawar with collaboration with Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad. 

Dr. Xiao said that Chinese government was the richest in the world due to adaptation of collective prosperity policy for more than 1.3 billion of its population. 

He said corruption was not only problem faced to people in Pakistan but it was a global evil which create hurdles for growth of national economy of a country. 

Dr. Xiao informed that dozens of public sector’s officials in China fled away from the country and taking multi billions dollars with their selves. China stands on number eighteenth among 178 countries of the world according to Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International 2012 report.