Declamation contests raise students confidence

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Declamation contents and debates helped remove the shyness from the students and raised their level of confidence. English is the only language which could help us get connected to the whole world and make easier our access to the treasure trove of knowledge on all spheres of life.

Prof Kalimullah Vice Principal of the Edwards College said this while speaking as the chief guest at the Khyber Union Hall of Islamia College University. He however, regretted that most teachers and educational institutions did not take pains to train their students in the co-curricular activities while parents too were not interested in such healthy activities of their wards which he said lowered confidence level and eclipsed latent talent in them.

“Such very important and positive activities have come to a standstill nowadays due to which students remain under extreme stress and their mental capabilities become feeble and they just reduced to being bookish worms with no practical experience in life, Speech, quiz competition and other literary activities arouse interest of the students and fire their imagination,” Kalim observed.