Demonstrations: In solidarity with Quetta victims, protesters gather at Governor House

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Peshawar Protest Quetta Victims

In support of the victims’ families protesting in Quetta, students and representatives of various Shia organisations started a protest outside the Governor House in Peshawar on Sunday.

While on his way to the protest, Amad Hussain, a student of Islamia College, was injured when a motorcyclist shot him near Deen Trade Centre and drove off.

Former general secretary of the Imamia Students Organisation Hassan Ali said Hussain was hit on the leg, but declared to be out of danger at Lady Reading Hospital. An FIR had not been registered till this report was filed, and the victim was still under treatment.

Meanwhile, the protesters started pouring in from various parts of Peshawar at around 4:30 pm. They vowed to continue the protest until the demands of Shias protesting in Quetta are met by the government.

The demonstrators laid down their mattresses on main Sher Shah Suri Road and chanted slogans. They held banners asking the government to stop the persecution of Shias in the country. They further demanded the arrest of the killers of Dr Riaz Hussain, who was assassinated last week.

Expressing their grievances, participants said Shias were being targeted all over the country while the government is failing to apprehend those responsible for terrorism.

Shias are not safe in the country; they are being persecuted, wherever they are. We will continue to sit here until the government hears our demands and promises to ensure our safety, said Syed Jawad Hadi, a cleric.

Activists of Turi Bangash Supreme Council, Youth of Parachinar, Imamia Students Organisation and other Shia representatives took part in the demonstration.

Police had blocked Sher Shah Suri Road from Jail Chowk to Cantonment Railway Station for all kinds of traffic, to ensure the safety of protestors. People were still coming to join the protest, till this report was filed.