Despite ban, University of Peshawar (UoP) conducts job demos

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Despite strict ban by the chancellor of public sector universities on recruitments in the universities, screening tests and demonstrations for the positions of lecturers were held in some departments of the University of Peshawar (UoP) apparently to accommodate the desired candidates soon after the ban is lifted.

Sources told The News that Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan’s directives were received to the university in May last, but deliberate delay was made in its implementation to favour some university departments.

Now that screening and demonstrations in these departments have been held, the sources said, the selection board would be convened soon after the ban is lifted and favorite candidates would be recruited. They suggested that after the ban, the entire process should be repeated across the board.

The university administration, however, rejected the reports as baseless that any screening test or demonstrations were held after the governor’s directives.According to spokesman for the UoP, Akhtar Amin, screening tests were scheduled in three departments of the University soon after May 22 – the date they received the governor’s directives. “But we had to cancel all those tests. We made phone calls to the 150 candidates that night to inform the candidates that their tests have been cancelled,” he added.

He, however, admitted that screening and demonstrations had been held in some other departments before the governor’s directives and their selection board and other process is still awaited.

Source: The News.