Digital Livelihood Training by WDL

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Digital Livelihood Training conducted by Women’s Digital League in collaboration with the World Bank in KPK, It’s for women only and will be conducted in Frontier College for Women Peshawar from 9th March 2015 to 29th May 2015.

Pakistan has seen a rise in female literacy rate. According to a UNICEF survey done in 2011, 61% of women between ages 15-24 are enrolled in schools/colleges. Although barriers against education have somewhat lifted, allowing female members of the family to work especially outside their homes is still a big challenge.

What do you do then with this large influx of female graduates? Provide them with work opportunities that respect the cultural norms of the society they live in and at the same time lets them explore and build on their skills. One possibility is online work.

WDL has already partnered with Lahore College for Women University where its’ Digital Livelihood workshop is a compulsory course for all graduate students. 200 girls have been trained in 3 workshops with 40% of them involved in creating economic activity through the Internet.

WDL also used an Internet Cafe run by Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) in the remote northern area of Pakistan for testing its pilot. 25 women worked on several micro tasks. The pilot was a success and today has multiplied into 8 ICT Training Centers through Gilgit-Baltistan

It’s time to focus our attention on KPK. We will be conducting a 3-month workshop in Peshawar District on earning a digital livelihood. It will include two months of hands on assistance in finding and also connecting graduates to online work.