Dr. Ijaz Khan appointment as principal KMC fair?

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Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hassan Khan was appointed as the new principal for Khyber Medical College according to the notification of Health Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Saturday.

Dr. Ijaz Khan replace by Prof. Dr. Noor �ul-Eman the former Principal of Khyber Medical Collage as he was the 24th principal of KMC who was appointed in December,2012. 

Dr. Ijaz Khan was serving as professor in Pathology department of KMC as he was the most junior from other doctors who were in the running to be appointed as principal of the collage.

Those doctors who were running to be appoint as the principal of the collage were including Zafar Hayat head of the Faculty of medicine, Dr. Zafar Durrani head of the department of Orthopedic, Dr. Nadeem Khawar and Prof. Dr. Liaqat Ali.

An Official of the Khyber Medical College on the condition to be not mentioning his name said that some groups were political affiliation as they did not want Noor-ul-Eman and they were approach to the government to appoint Dr.Ijaz Khan.

He further said that the current government were announce so many time that no political pressure would be accepted for the removal of officials but it shows that the government were only announce such statement only for news papers but were not followed it.

When contacted with Dr. Noor-ul-Eman, he said that he was a government employ and it is up to the government that what they decide as I will be accepted it.

He further added that he is a professor and will be always serving in the teaching side to give a bright future in shape of the students to the nation.

Source: The Frontier Post