‘Education a pre-requisite for development’

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Education for sustainable development is a pre-requisite for the development of conflict-affected areas.

This was the slogan of a six-day training workshop for the teachers hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal areas being arranged at the South Asian Centre for International and Regional Studies (SACIRS).

This workshop was organised in collaboration with UNESCO. It is part of the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Development 2004-2015 to educate, train and aware people at mass level in different countries.

Teachers from primary and secondary schools of Jamrud and Landikotal tehsils in Khyber Agency are participating in the event that is to acquaint teachers with different modern techniques and knowledge for sustainable development so that they could impart it to the students of the conflict affected areas.

“We want to revolutionise teaching, training and facilitating techniques in our region. Modern tools and methods of teaching must not be limited to settled areas only,” said Dr Rashid Chughtai, chairman of SACIRS.

The training workshop focuses on multidisciplinary topics like informal education, gender equality, education for sustainable development, conflict resolution, human rights, and social justice. As Pakistan has been experiencing natural calamities like floods and earthquakes since 2005, a very important subject of disaster risk reduction has also been included in the training of the teachers.

“Moreover, the linkage between Education for Sustainable Development and the role of teachers in this regard is highlighted to a greater extent,” he said.The workshop has not been limited to training only. SACIRS in collaboration with UNESCO has also published a brochure on education for sustainable development, a booklet on disasters’ risk reduction and a teachers training manual.

Source: The News.