Education Crumbling in Province

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Qaumi Watan Party General Secretary Bakht Baidar Khan on Sunday said the PTI government was pushing the province towards darkness and backwardness as a result of which the health and education sectors were crumbling.

Speaking at a news conference at the Chakdara Press Club the sacked QWP minister said that a clear example of the government’s weakness was that it had not completed its cabinet despite the lapse of several months. Khan alleged that the second shift classes of Focus Grammar Schools in the province had been closed due to which many people had lost their jobs. He said people of Malakand had voted the PTI for change but there were no signs of change in the province.

He said the Malakand region had been the worst hit due to militancy, military operation and devastating floods. He said people of the region were the most deserving people for government aid.

The QWP leader said that his political rivals in the area had been hatching conspiracies against the construction of Sanam dam and supply of sui gas to Adenzai tehsil.

He said that several development projects were in pipe line for the people of Dir, Malakand, Bajaur, Buner and Chitral but those projects were dropped after he was sacked by Imran Khan.

He said the PTI led provincial government had no proof of corruption against him.

He said the Rs 1 billion would be spent on development of the people of Adenzai if he won the case.

Source: The News