“EveryOne” Digital Freelancing Program Launched in Peshawar

"EveryOne" Digital Freelancing Program Launched in Peshawar
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“EveryOne.PK” Digital Freelancing Program Launched in Peshawar. EveryOne is set to impart freelancers with the necessary skills to succeed via Digital Skills. Now, the students who are already educated about any skills but looking to have some earning source as well. This will help interested candidates to learn from experts and work from home.

Everyone is an Educational platform, specifically, Skills Development leading to freelance employment, that helps individuals get the most out of web.
In simple terms, we help:

  1. “Make Internet Works for Everyone”.
  2. We give you the necessary skills and road-map in order to succeed online and earn a decent living.
  3. “EveryOne” Digital Freelancing Program Launched in Peshawar
  4. “EveryOne” Digital Freelancing Program Launched in Peshawar

A Platform to learn Digital Skills and become an independent worker or Fr…eelancer, So what you need to have it before coming to Everyone? Answer :

So you know how to use internet. Right ? But, do you know, you can make money from Internet? If you just know how to use internet, EveryOne is best platform to get mentorship from trainers and get expert opinion not on Digital skills but on other cool skills which will help you to be stable in Freelancing platforms.

You never know, 2017 may be your year. There are cross roads in life where opportunity and preparedness meets. For many of you, it might be a starting point and for others a decisive turning point in their freelancing career.

With everyone platform, we believe to have a wide range of positive impact on the whole community but a few will benefit the most:

  • Jobless.
  • Employed but unhappy.
  • Employed but looking for extra income.
  • Skilled but no idea of Market
  • Interested but no Mentor?
  • Skill, Platform but still Stucked?

Who are Everyone.PK?

We are a team of skilled & passionate individuals and are here to give you the kick start you’ve been looking for. – Join EveryOne.PK and we’ll provide Industry specific training, tools, resources, road-map and the steps needed to change your life in a huge, positive way.!

How to Apply

  • You can apply for the EveryOne.pk program in a few simple steps:
  • Visit the EveryOne.pk
  • Reading and accepting the candidates undertaking
  • Fill the candidate registration form
  • Get in touch via Facebook, Intagram