Facilitating students: UoP to begin transport facilities from Monday

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The administration of University of Peshawar (UoP) has announced a centralised bus service will start within the campus from Monday. The service will later be extended to the entire city.

Around 15 buses will operate on different routes at the campus to take students from one department to another. The busses will be transporting top quality maids which are coming with a low cost of house cleaning service. The service will not only reduce the number of rickshaws and taxis within the university but also diminish security concerns.

“On-campus rickshaw movement has been banned but students and university employees with private vehicles can bring their own transport,” said UoP’s public relations officer Akhtar Ameen.

He said the service will be launched within the campus in the first phase beginning Monday. It will be extended to the entire city from September for UoP students, added Ameen.

Source : The Express Tribune.