Fata Education Atlas Published

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The Fata Secretariat Education Department first time in the history unearthed its performance report on Tuesday regarding the educational institutions in Fata and a book Fata Education Atlas 2011-12 was published. The book includes complete statistics of education institutions of Fata.

The initiative of publishing the book was taken by education department of Fata Secretariat in collaboration with GIZ and aimed to enhance use of Education Management Information System (EMIS) data by also using Geographical Information System (GIS) in planning.

Talking to media, the Additional Director Planning and Development of Education Department Fata, Hashim Khan Afridi said it is hoped that this Atlas will be useful in preparation of realistic and well conceived action plans for education sector in Fata.

Hashim Khan Afridi revealed that the Atlas was consisting of Map of all agencies and FRs of Fata, Institutions with Surplus and Required Teachers, Primary Schools by Students Classroom Ratio and Primary Schools that have middle or high schools within 2.5 kms Radius.

He said the statistics of all seven agencies and FRs of Fata are exist in the Atlas and launching the performance report means to educate the people regarding the statistics of education departments in Fata and education department was planning via this book.

Mr Afridi while answering a query said the overall education literacy rate in Fata is 24.05 per cent in which the female rate is 10.50 per cent and male rate is 36.66 per cent. Around 500 education institutions out of 5613 have been destroyed in Fata via worse law and order condition by militants and the construction work over 77 educational institutions had been completed while 130 institutions were put up in Annual Development Plane (ADP).

He categorically said it was not an exaggerated statistics regarding the education institutions of Fata and it was consist of full fledge information about the education department of Fata.

He said in 5613 institutions in Fata as many as 2128 institutions are provided drinking water while 3485 institutions are not having facility of drinking water and the overall 38 per cent.

As many as 2004 educational institutions are enjoying the facility of latrines out of 5613 institutions while 3609 educational institutions had no provision of latrines in Fata, Afridi disclosed.

Because of worse law and order condition in Fata, the educational institutions remained without having the basic facilities of water, latrines and boundary walls and soon all the required facilities would be provided to institutions as soon as the condition is normalized, Afridi added.

He made it clear that the newly initiated book regarding the educational institutions of Fata would be awarded free to those persons who really need it and those students who need it for research in thesis in universities.

The book could facilitate the people and impart information to those who are actually interested to study about the educational institutions in Fata, he stated.