International Conference on “The Impacts of Terrorism on the Pukhtoon and its Literature”

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After the incident of 9/11, the Pukhtoon Community is totally in the grip of terrorism, which vandalized the overall moral and image of this community. The fire of terrorism has deeply demolished the overall socio-economic, education and other life essential aspects of this territory.

A lot of people have lost their lives, uncountable are missing, much more the terrorism has gifted a lot of orphans and widows to this area. Besides of this a large number of people have become disabled and paralyzed due to huge terrorist attacks and bombardment.

Until we search a solution for this evil, our community will represent a black image of Pukhtoons to the other nations of the world.

In order to search out a solution and to enable the pukhtoons to stand them on their feet and to gain back their past reputation, the Department of Pashto, University of Peshawar has intended to launch an International Conference in which great Scholars and Journalists across the world will participate to make a fruitful and concrete strategic plan for resolving the terrorism problem.

The participants of the Conference should possess detail study of Pukhtoon community and should have deep experience of the existing scenario of the pukhtoon community, who will make strategic plan and will draw guidelines for submission to the think-thanks and policy-makers of this area, which should indicate the parameters for eradication the terrorism from the historical and beautiful teorritory of Pukhtoons.

The interesting participants are request to send their complete CVs as well as abstracts to the undersigned for further consideration on or before 15/08/2015. The eligible participants who fulfilled the criteria for participation in the Conference will be informed accordingly.

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Last date for submission of abstract   :           15-08-2015

Last date for submission of full paper  :           15-09-2015

Expected date for conference                :           28 to 30 September 2015