Internship – KPK Information Technology Board

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Stipend Internees will be paid Rs.10,000/-


  1. To develop an IT competent human Resource pool at KP province.
  2. To strengthen the technical, managerial And corporate skills of the trainees per the national and international standards. The trained human resource would have the ability to adapt to the needs of the national/international companies
  3. To financially assist the IT and ITES Firms at the KP declared IT Parks to train their required human resources.
  4. To bring forth economic development in the KP province by increased employment through competent HR Pool.

Implementation Methodologies:

  1. Internees will be paid 50% of the stipend amount (i.e Rs 5000/-) per month for three months while remaining stipend amount i.e. Rs 15000/- will be paid in lump sum at the end of internship period on completion of the project. Final Payment will be paid if the company/internee fulfils the criteria mentioned in para 6 for payments. In case internees leave the company before completion of internship period, she/he will not be paid the final payment.
  2. A company may avail at the max 10-12 internees for a single batch.  On completion of one batch they may request for internees with the same ceiling.
  3. Companies will submit the proposal for software project along with demand for the number of internees required for the project and their number of skilled employees. KPITB will evaluate the proposal and accordingly hire the internees for the company.
  4. On completion of the project/intern period the internees along with company representative will submit the software/module and based on the project developed, internees will be evaluated by the KPITB. Their idea and level of expertise on the tools/technologies mentioned in the proposal will be evaluated by KPITB. Each internee will present his own work, in case a software project has been developed by more than one internee.
  5. There will be 1:3 ratio between paid technically skilled employees and number of internees provide to a company. That is there should be one paid and technically skilled employee with a company to get 3 internees from KPITB. A skilled employee should have experience of 2-3 years in the relevant field.
  6. An internee will not be allowed to work in field (outside the company premises) more than 1 day per week for analysis etc. The schedule will be shared with KPITB on weekly basis.
  7. Internees for Call Centers/BPOs will have the same criteria with the exception that their qualification will be intermediate or equivalent.
  8. Internees for graphics/2D and 3D animation will be provided to companies working in animation and game development. Their qualification criteria will be Intermediate or equivalent. Only one graphics designer will be provided to a web development company / Software house having a full time paid graphic designer. For software house the education condition of graduate/MSc, BSc, BIT (last semester) will remain the same.

A committee Comprising of following members will evaluate the software project on quarterly basis:

  • MD-KPITB (Chairman)
  • Director (P&A)-KPITB
  • Rep from Comp Science Department
  • Rep from Directorate of IT

The committee will recommend at least 3 projects to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). TAC will meet after 6 months and evaluate the projects recommended by the committee in the last two quarters and declared the 1st and 2nd positions.

1st and 2nd positions holders will be awarded Rs 50000/- and 25000/- respectively. The award will be distributed equally between internees and company’s representative. The company will be considered as member of the team and will get award equivalent to a single member of the team.

The technical committee will grant final approval of the awards. Evaluation criteria for software will include: benefit of the software, security features (if applicable) technique and technology used, and other features related to software engineering. The committee will have the right to choose any or none of the software project for award.

All payments will be paid directly to internees through cross cheques on the recommendation of the company she/he is working for.

The company will submit a report and the internee will present the software/module on completion of internship period.

At the completion of internship, the company will issue internship completion certificate to the internee duly signed by the company and KPITB.

List of internees will be maintained on KPITB website.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board
FF 01, Deans Trade Center
Peshawar Cantt.
Phone: +92 91 9213573
Fax: +92 91 5250058