KMC introduces dress code for students

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Khyber Medical College (KMC) the most prestigious institute of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa introduced for the first time in its history to introduce dress code for all the students of medical college. Khyber Medical College was established in 1954 as the college gives thousand of doctors to the country who were working not only in the country but as well as across the globe for the aim of saving lives. The administration of the college was decided that a proper dress code for the students as the dress code would be the identity of the medical college students. Talking to The Frontier Post some students of KMC said on the condition of anonymity said they have some reservations on the decision of the college administration as they were not taken into confidence before implementing the decision. Principle Khyber Medical College Professor Dr. Noor-ul-Eman said that after taking charge as principle of the college he observed that a uniform dress code for the students of KMC was need of the hour so that every one could recongnize the students of the college. He further said that before implementing the decision the college administration had informed all the parents about their decision and take them into confidence as the parents of the students were also appreciated the decision of the college. Dr. Noor said that on June 4, the administration issued notice to the students to follow the dress code of the college, adding that since from 1954 no one was taken the step to start a proper dress code for the students of the college. He further said that the female students would be required to wear maroon color shirt, white shalwar with white duppata and white long overall. In the winter season, the female students would be wear maroon color jersey or coat and white Abaya (optional) while for male student have required wearing white shirt, white shalwar/ gray trouser, black shoes, white long overall, white turban or cap (optional). In the winter, the male students would have to put on maroon color jersey or coat. Dr. Noor-ul-Eman said that the decision was taken as in the best interest of the students as it will also bring uniformity among the students, adding, that 95% students followed the dress code while the rest five percent will soon followed it as the administration of the collage were counseling them. Dr. Noor said that after charging as principle of KMC of the collage the attendance of the collage reach to 95%.

Sources: The Frontier Post