KMC Students End Protest After Demands Accepted

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Students of the Khyber Medical College (KMC) on Tuesday staged demonstration to press the government to accommodate them at the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) for house job training and later ended the protest when their demands were accepted.

The students blocked the main Jamrud Road while chanting slogans against Health Department officials who, they said, deprived them of their house job training at the KTH.The students argued that 287 graduates of the KMC are accommodated every year at the KTH for house job training.

This time the Health Department and officials of the KTH and KMC refused to accommodate all of them in the same hospital, they said.The KTH has been built as a teaching hospital for the students of KMC and it is responsibility of the hospital and college authorities to accommodate them in the same hospital, they said.

KMC Principal Prof Dr Noorul Iman and KTH Chief Executive Dr Umar Ayub arrived at the spot and wanted to resolve the issue through negotiations with the protesting students. However, the situation later took an ugly turn when the campus police led by SHO Inspector Saifullah Khan reached and started baton-charge on the protesting medical graduates for blocking the busy road where Chief Minister Pervez Khattak was supposed to pass through within a few minutes. The chief minister was on his way to office from his residence in Hayatabad.

Three medical graduates sustained injuries in the police baton-charge, which infuriated the other students of the medical college. They came on road and started clash with the police. According to sources at the KTH, two doctors suffered injuries to their noses and heads and were shifted to the hospital.

The students said they would not reopen the road for traffic until the police officer was suspended and all the graduates were accommodated at the KTH for house job training. They ended the protest when both of their demands were accepted. The hospital administration announced to conduct their interviews for house job on September 20.


Source: The News