KMC Students Protest Against Rule to Wear Uniform

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The students of Khyber Medical College here on Monday staged a protest demonstration against decision of the management to wear uniforms but majority of their fellows ignored the call.
The demonstrating students demanded an immediate withdrawal of the order for making the wearing of uniform compulsory and vowed to continue boycott of the classes till fulfillment of their demands. They chanted slogans in favour of their demands.
However, majority of students did not pay attention to the strike call and were seen dressed in uniform prescribed since 1954 prospectus and busy in their studies.
On the other hand, the Principal of the College told reporters that uniform signifies identification of this great organisation and builds up confidence among the students. He declared that the decision of making the students to wear uniform would not be taken back. He asked the students to immediately end their strike and attend the lasses in uniform.

Location: Peshawar

Source: KMC Official