KMU, UK varsity ink MoU on joint research

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Khyber Medical University (KMU) and University of Central Lancashire Preston (UCLAN) UK signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Research Collaboration.

This MOU was signed in Islamabad by Prof Dr. Mohammad Hafizullah VC KMU and Dr. Malcolm Mcvicar VC UCLAN.

According to the MOU mutual scientific and technical cooperation will advance the state of science and technology in both countries and strengthen the technology infrastructure that will bring benefits to both sides in future.

KMU and UCLAN will pursue a program of scientific and technical collaboration for the exchange of ideas, skills and techniques on problems of mutual interest as agreed from time to time.

Both parties agreed that exchange and training of scientific and technical personnel for teaching, research and development in the field of nutrition science, food safety, food security, food sanitations, human genetics and other related fields pertaining to the interest of both parties.

KMU and UCLAN will carried out joint scientific research and technological development programs in the selected areas of mutual interest. 

Holding of joint conferences, seminars and symposia or workshops and lectures on national and international issues is another important term of the MOU.

Both the universities will encourage visits and utilization of each other’s research and technical facilities as and when required after mutual consent. 

Joint supervision of research related activities in the areas of mutual interest is another feature of the MOU signed by both the parties.

The MOU will remain effective for a period of ten years unless terminated by any one of the partner by giving an advance notice of six months. Both parties will appoint liaison officers who hold periodic meetings to work out the details of cooperation on such terms and conditions as agreeable to both the parties and to monitor their implementation and prepare annual progress reports.

Any request, notice or amendment related to the MOU between both parties will be communicated through Prof. Dr Muktiar Zaman Director (Research & Development) KMU and Prof Dr. Nicola Lowe International Institute of Nutritional Sciences and Food Safety Studies UCLAN.