Methodological budgeting on health and education stressed

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 The analysis of study conducted on education and health by Center for Governance and Public Accountability (CGPA), recommend improvement in the budget making process, and allocation.

The participants of the study in a seminar held here Wednesday on the topic of “health and education budget analysis finding of District Peshawar” echoed the findings and recommendation mainly pertaining to active involvement of community, civil society, parents while finalizing budget proposal.

The forum also emphasized on output and outcome based budgeting for public sector that would ensure optimum use of taxpayers’ money. Another crucial point brought up in the seminar was the discrepancy between allocation of budget for male and female education.

On the occasion Komal Khalid, Program Officer (Budget Watch), CGPA stated that it was imperative that people try to engage with public officials in the process of budget making for education department, which forms the basis of policy.

Source: The Frontier Post