Mr. Rohul Amin successfully defended his M. Phil thesis

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Mr. Rohul Amin, M. Phil Scholar of the department of Mathematics, University of Peshawar has been recommended after successful defense and Viva-Voce of his M. Phil thesis on May 3, 2013 at Department of Mathematics, University of Peshawar. The topic of his dissertation was “Asymptotic stability and dichotomy of the Poincare Map and boundedess of the solution of certain Cauchy problems in discrete case”. He was supervised by Prof. Dr. G. A. Khan and co-supervised by Dr. A. Zada. The external examiner was Dr. Muhammad sarwar, Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics University of Malakand.

To conclude the event, Prof. Dr. G. A. Khan Dean Numerical Sciences addressed the participants and appreciated the quality of work done by Mr. Rohul Amin and its publication in the journals of International repute. Dr. A. Zada in the closing remarks congratulated Mr. Rohul Amin on his successful defense and encouraged the scholars.

Department of Mathematics
University of Peshawar