Notification Exam Documents Verification SBBWU Peshawar

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It is notified for the information of all concerned that the following time limit and fee rate for verification and issuance of Academic documents and related activities will come into force with immediate effect:

S.No. Doc/Activity Time limit Fee Purpose


DMC / Transcript 5 days Rs. 400/- Verification
3 days Rs. 600/- -do-
Same day Rs. 800/- -do-


Degree 6 days Rs. 600/- Verification
4 days Rs. 800/- -do-
2 days Rs. 1000/- -do-


DMC (B.A/B.Sc) 5 days Rs. 300/- Issuance
(Duplicate) 3 days Rs. 400/- -do-
  Same day Rs. 500/- -do-


Transcript (Fresh) One week Rs. 1000/- Issuance
BS-4 years 3 days Rs. 1500/- -do-
M.A/M.Sc, B.Ed & PD and others Same day Rs. 2000/- -do-


Transcript (Duplicate) 3 days Rs. 1500/- Issuance
Same day Rs. 2000/- -do-


Correction in Particulars 6 days Rs. 300/- Notification
4 days Rs. 500/- -do-
2 days Rs. 600/- -do-


Registration/Enrollment Existing Revised  
B.A/B.Sc Rs. 400/- Rs. 500/- One time
BS-4 year Rs. 1000/- No change -do-
Masters-2 year Rs. 800/- Rs. 1000/- -do-


Research Project/Thesis/Internship All Levels Rs. 3000/- One time
BS-4 years
PG Diploma


Following fee rates which were left over will come into force with immediate effect:

S.No Doc/Activity Time limit Fee Purpose


Merit(Distinction) 6 Days Rs. 300/- Issuance
Certificate 3Days Rs. 500/- -do-
  Next Day Rs. 800/- -do-


Gold Medal Certificate 6 Days Rs. 500/- Issuance
3 Days Rs. 800/- -do-
Next Day Rs. 1000/- -do-


Semester Result Card Next day Rs. 300/- Issuance
(Duplicate) Same Day Rs.500/- -do-


This issues with approval of the competent authority.
Controller Examination, SBBWUP