NXTGEN Winter Camp 2015

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Peshawar 2.0 is our dream city. Our vision is to develop Peshawar as a hub of technology, design and art. In the coming years, we will need more entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers to develop and strengthen our ecosystem. We are on a mission to train the next generation of techies, designers and artists in the valley of Peshawar.

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What is NXTGEN?
NXTGEN (Next Generation) is a movement of young people. We believe youngsters are our future. You inspire us everyday. You have the energy, talent and creativity to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, designers, and artists. You have access to knowledge through digital platforms and you will need skills to shine in the creative economy. You are NXTGEN!

What is NXTGEN Winter Camp 2015?
NXTGEN Winter Camp is a sprint training for our Next Generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, scientists and artists. NXTGEN is an opportunity to exercise your creative muscles by developing knowledge and skills. Ready for this challenge?

What Will I Learn?
This is a hand-on and accelerated-learning camp for motivated individuals who want to learn skills of 21st century. Our winter camp will give you awareness, toolkit and skills for your life and career. You will be learning from our cohort of experienced coders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists. This is also an opportunity to network with like minded individuals and an excellent platform to find your future mentors.

Workshops in the NXTGEN Winter Camp

  • Dress Up Your CV (16th Feb)
  • Introduction to Pencil Sketching (16th Feb)
  • Learn to Code iOS Apps (16h Feb)
  • How to Present (17th Feb)
  • Learn the Basics of Adobe Photoshop (17th Feb)
  • Build a Million-Dollar Android App (18th Feb)
  • How to Become a Better Photographer (18th Feb)
  • Learn How to Earn with Freelancing (18th Feb)
  • Biology going Digital: What is Bioinformatics & Computational Biology? (18th Feb)
  • Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator (19th Feb)
  • Introduction to the Art of Calligraphy (20th Feb)
  • Create & Animate Stop Motion Videos (20th Feb)

Get on the Early Access List here by filling this form at

Can I get involved after attending Winter Camp?
Yes! Peshawar2.0 will provide training and mentorship to selected graduates of winter camp. They will be inducted as NXTGEN Fellows to work on projects with core team of Peshawar2.0. For example, fellows are given training for developing our network of NXTGEN clubs in their community, schools, colleges, and universities. And there’s more if you are up for the challenge!

A NXTGENER belongs to the digital tribe. And NXTGEN is living in digital age. The mobile connectivity is empowering it to create job opportunities by freelancing, cool gigs, and challenging startups. If you have access to computer and an internet connection, you can use your talents to create value for yourself and for people around you.

NEXGEN Peshawar 2.0

What Do You Look for in a NXTGENER?
– A dreamer
– Self motivated doer
– Likes challenges and adventures
– Loves creating cool things and projects
– Is a DIYER at heart (DIY – Do it yourself)
– Learns something everyday
– Wants to make a better world
– Passionate to develop a useful product / service / idea
– Interested in technology / design / engineering / art / entrepreneurship / computer science
– Learns from trial and error

Who should attend?
NXTGEN is a training sprint for:
– Pre-college students in grades 5-10
– College-age students in grades 11th and 12th
– University students
– Adults