Only 300 out of 60,000 UoP students visit central library every day

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The Chief librarian of Central Library of University of Peshawar, Mian Ibrar Khan has suggested that the government should play its role in increasing reading habits of students by devising research based syllabus in the university so the students would be forced to take held from books for the completion of their thesis. He was talking to The Frontier Post in his office on Tuesday.

“Our syllabus is degree oriented and the students just need short notes and guides which are easily available from the market,” Mian Ibrar said.

Replying to a query he said that people were still reading books but the e-format had taken over the printed versions as the reading material was now easily available on the internet.

“One of the main causes of decline in book reading is the devaluation of our currency and many of our students cannot afford buying books” Chief librarian said. He suggested that the government should introduce low priced editions of the books through National Book Foundation for those students who could not afford to buy expensive books.

He said students from areas with lack of educational facilities were more interested in reading books then the students of the developed areas. Replying to a query he said that a small number of 250-300 students visits the central library on daily basis while the total strength of the students in the University is about 60,000 at present.

“Students from History Department are on the top who have more reading habits and conduct their research while students from science departments seek help of the readymade notes and guides” Mian Ibrar asserted.

He also told that the authorities of Peshawar University have launched distant learning program for the first time to encourage those who have jobs in various fields. “One who have job cannot attend regular classes and they are being provided an opportunity to attend regular classes on Sundays and Saturdays” he said adding that the trend of regular classes on weekends would eliminate the trend of private exams in the long run.

While telling about the facilities available in the central library of the UoP Mian said there are 200000 printed books, 15000 journals, 600 manuscripts while there are 32000 full test journals in e format, 50,000 e books and regular tabloids and daily papers of Urdu and English. He also claimed to have full fledged facilities inside the library and also the library staff was always there to facilitate the students. 

He also mentioned categorically that female students are ore studious and have good reading habits as compared to the male ones who, in his words, often remain busy with their computers and mobile phones.

He also said that the modern technology is very fruitful if it is used in positive sense but unfortunately most of the students waste a lot of their precious time busy with their mobiles and laptops etc. He advised the parents to keep an eye over their children while providing them with the modern facilities which can snatch their learning habits and reading books.