Out with the old: Separate directorate demanded for primary education

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The All Primary Teachers Association (APTA) has called for the establishment of a separate directorate for primary education in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to replace the current cluster school system for monitoring local government primary schools.

Flanked by teachers from across the province at a protest in front of the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday, the association members carried placards inscribed with slogans rejecting the incumbent system.

Addressing journalists on the occasion, APTA Provincial President Malik Khalid said the government should stop experimenting and instead streamline efforts focused on providing quality education to the public.

Khalid claimed the cluster school system adversely affects performance of higher secondary schools. He said the cluster system would mean that heads at these schools will be engaged in supervising primary schools, preventing them from effectively managing teaching staff, and looking after other administrative and financial matters.

While demanding the setting up of a separate directorate for primary education at the provincial level, APTA provincial president claimed such an initiative would better enable the provision of quality primary education in the province.

Khalid also demanded the provincial government take immediate steps for filling over 14,000 vacant teaching posts across the province and regularise services of all those currently employed on ad hoc basis.

Source:The Express Tribune.