PDA will observe strike to press for doctor’s release

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Provincial Doctors Association (PDA) will observe strike today from Out-door patient department (OPD) as well as all the private clinic would be also closed against for the release of kidnapped doctors.

This was announced by PDA after a meeting on Monday, they said that the provincial government were fully failed to provide security to the doctors community.

Talking to The Frontier Post PDA Chairman Dr. Shahsawar said that for the last one month Dr. Kamran and Dr. Mujahid was kidnapped as there were no efforts done by the government for their release.

He said that the doctors were not secure in the province as on daily basis they were receiving threats letter as well they were on the soft target of the kidnappers, adding that most of the doctors were shifted to Islamabad and other places because of the threats.

Shahsawar said that on Tuesday the doctors were observed strike from OPD of Hayatabad Medical Complex as special arrangement would be done at the jurisdiction of the hospital as special camp would be arrange by the PDA to check up the patients, adding that they were not want to create difficulties for the patients but to pressurized the government for their right demands.

He added that if the both the two doctors were not release soon as well as proper security was not organized to the doctors and hospitals there strike would be extended to other hospitals, adding that if the government were sincere with doctors make efforts for the release of two kidnapped doctors and provide security plane to the doctors for their protection.

Source: The Frontier Post.