Performing classics: Edwardes College students lend ears and eyes to Shakespear’s tragedies

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Keeping the 12-year-old tradition alive, students of Edwardes College donned the roles of classic characters from Shakespearean tragedies to perform a combined adaptation of Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra on stage.

In the limited space of their hall, these students managed to prepare for the show in two months after rigorous rehearsals and opposition from parents against performing arts.

The 40-member crew was led by Nasir Iqbal as the director. Iqbal is also a lecturer in the English department of the institution. The audience comprised students from the college itself and they were as quick at catching flubs as they were at applauding the performance of their co-students.

Rida, who bagged the role of Cleopatra, was happy to have finally been able to play the character. Her parents were initially reluctant to allow her to, because they thought working in the play would affect her studies.

“I prepared myself to perform in front of every kind of audience,” said Rida.

Sikandar, who played the role of Mardian, an eunuch, also had to make extra efforts to face the audience, which was often boisterous and made the actors self-conscious. Talking about the history of performing arts in Edwardes College, Iqbal said the college has performed plays since 2001, following a long break post-1969.

“We have not only performed classics, but depicted modern literature through drama as well,” Iqbal added about the nature of performances there.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 24th, 2013.