Peshawar to Host Digital Youth Summit 2015 in May

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The city of Peshawar is getting ready to host a grand congregation of designers, entrepreneurs and innovators yet again with Digital Youth Summit 2015.

What is Digital Youth Summit?

It’s a startup expo as well as a leading technology conference that is organised by the efforts of Peshawar 2.0, the World Bank and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board. The main idea is to help the bright minds of Pakistan congregate under one roof with heavy emphasis on online work, technology entrepreneurship as well as tech for social innovation.

How successful has it previously been?

The first ever Digital Youth Summit 2014 in Peshawar was a two day event which was attended by more than 800 people. Over 4,000 viewers on the internet enjoyed the summit live on their displays which explains why #KPDYS14 trended with a bit of vengeance on Twitter at the time.

What to expect from Digital Youth Summit 2015?

The upcoming edition of the event is scheduled to be a three-day summit that will commence with a number of events including Live chat sessions and workshops. It will feature speaker sessions along with breakout sessions with special focus on different dimensions of social innovations and tech entrepreneurship. The attendees would be able to approach the experts in the industry and emerging talent in fields of entrepreneurship, startup community and freelancing.

Who should attend the event?

The theme of the summit revolves around the idea of Information and Communication technologies having no bounds. It is meant for anyone who may have an innovative idea to contribute. There could be many who would have the knowledge but with sufficient mentorship and assistance, an innovative idea could translate into a much more meaningful invention.

When is it happening?

Digital Youth Summit 2015 is set to take place on May 7, 2015 in Shiraz Arena, Peshawar.

Who are the speakers?

The panel of speakers includes Rachid Benmessaoud from The World Bank, Farah Hamid from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information & Technology Department, Stephen Rasmussen from Karandaaz Pakistan, Gred Horowitt from T2 Venture Creation, Dr. Faisal Khan from Peshawar 2.0, Ravi Kumar from The World Bank, Waqar Ahmed from Nestle Pakistan, Yasir Khattak from Den, Naveen Humayun from Women’s Digital League and Tahir Masood from Microsoft.

Who is sponsoring the event?

The summit has a wide range of sponsors. These include: Nestle Pakistan, International Fiannce Corporation, Tribune, Microsoft Pakistan, Code for Pakistan, invest2innovate, oDesk, The Nest i/o, PakWired, IBA and Szabist besides others.

How can one register for the event?

No registration is needed for those merely looking to attend the event, meet the experts and perhaps learn the basics of freelancing. On the other hand, students can register here, founders may sign up here whereas professionals are required to fill in the form here.

via ProPakistani