Peshawar university teachers object to doing election duty

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President Peshawar University Teachers’ Association PUTA and General Secretary of Central FAPUASA Jamil Ahmad Chitrali on Friday in a press statement had shown reservations about placement of universities academics for performing election duties. He said that alternative arrangements should be brought forward for election duties as academics were busy in daily research and laboratory work. FAPUASA General Secretary said that Higher Education Commission has given a firm assurance a few days earlier of not engaging PHD researchers and academics in elections duties. 

He called upon Election Commission to direct returning officers to consult administrative staff from universities to come-up with alternative staff. He suggested that schools, colleges and administrative machinery of other type of educational institutions could be an alternative for election duties.

Chitrali lamented that a large number of female staff had been appointed as duty officers in upcoming elections which would be detrimental to their research work and loss of laboratory material under their disposal.  He called upon election commission to take immediate notice of this situation.