Photo Exhibition in memory of Dr. Mohammad Azam Azam

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All fans & friends are invited to a Photo Exhibition in memory of Dr. Mohammad Azam Azam, a great Pashto Novelist/Poet

At the exhibition, the artisitc inspirations of Dr. Azam drawn by a young Art Lover from Ningarhar, Afghanistan Mr. Hamdullah Arbab will be displayed. Professor Azam, author of 11 books, had rendered meritorious services to Pashto language and literature for about 45 years.

He was a writer known for unique style and for having introduced and contributed to modern literary trends both in subjects and style in Pashto prose and poetry.

Among his books are Pashto Afsana, Tahqeeq Auo Tanqeed, Pashto Adab Ke Kerdarnigaaree, Lashey, Rehman Baba Da Ulas Shair, Pukhtanee Romanoonah, Da Aqidat Guloona, and Andazoonah.

Radio Pakistan, Peshawar and PTV, Peshawar Centre aired more than 500 songs and ghazals of Professor Azam. They are still popular with the people. Professor Azam is considered a trendsetter in Pashto drama on both radio and television. He is known for his Pashto plays that portrayed a true picture of Pashtun culture and society.

At the start of PTV, Peshawar Centre in 1974, he wrote the first-ever Pashto TV serial ‘Rukey Laarey’ (The lost paths). Another popular play ‘Namoos’ (Honour) in both its Pashto and Urdu versions are also very popular.

Venue: Pashto Cultural Meseum, Peshawar University, KPK
Date: THURSDAY, 28 February, 2013
Time: 9am till 4PM