Provincial internship programme for youth soon

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Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has sought support of the youth for his government’s campaign to eradicate corruption and establish a society based on fair play and rule of law.

Talking to a delegation of Insaf Youth Wing here on Saturday, the chief minister said that the youth should support the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s mission of changing the system and eliminating corruption from government departments. He said that this was essential to achieve the goal of a real welfare society based on supremacy of law, merit and justice.

He announced that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government would launch provincial internship programme for the youth on the pattern of National Internship Programme.

He claimed that the provincial government was working hard to change the system and the coming budget would be a reflection of the aspirations of people.

Besides starting mega development projects and improving social services, the government is launching comprehensive schemes for skill development of youths. Improvement in quality of primary and higher education and technical training of personnel is being accorded priority in the new budget.

The delegation members apprised the chief minister of their plans for empowerment of the youth.

Mr Khattak said that the government believed in the capabilities of the youth, adding that the nation had suffered a great deal due to ignoring the youth. “We will involve our youth in all spheres of life and hone their leadership capabilities,” he said.

The chief minister appreciated the youth empowerment plan of the delegation and said that the government expected the youth to play a constructive role in progress of the country and province.

He said that the provincial government would implement schemes for youth empowerment, revive the youth assembly, hold a youth leadership conference and launch provincial internship programme on the pattern of National Internship Programme.

He said that the provincial government wanted to enable its educated youth to become employers and investors. He agreed said that the basic reason of unemployment was substandard education and ill-conceived polices of past regimes. “We are changing the entire system of education in the province to bring it at par with international level so that our degrees are accepted worldwide,” the chief minister said.

He said that the provincial government would generate 400MW electricity from gas that would be supplied to industrial units at cheap rates of Rs9 per unit. He said that according to the government estimates 700 to 800 new factories could be added because of this important step. Besides, the revival of industries in Swat, Nowshera, Haripur, Gadoon, Peshawar and Kohat industrial zones would create job opportunities for over 500,000 people.

Source: Dawn