PUTA disappointed over cutting of allowances in federal budget

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Peshawar University teachers have shown disappointment over the recent cuts in allocation of teachers’ allowances and cancellation of taxation rebate in the recent federal budget. President of Peshawar University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) Jameel Ahmad Chitrali in an executive committee meeting on Wednesday decided to take up the issues in executive meeting of Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations (FAPUASA).

Meeting decided to discuss issues related to recent budget proposals regarding university teachers and a unanimous resolution was also passed to take up the rebate issue by the executive committee. 

Jamil Ahmed, who is also the central general secretary of FAPUASA, said soon a meeting would be scheduled at University of Punjab to decide on the response of community to discuss the withdrawal of 75% tax redemption for scientists and university teachers. The provincial chapters of FAPUASA would deliberate on the nature of the response of the community to the concerned authorities, he added. 

He said that universities teachers would have to pay 75 percent rebate in form of tax which were waivered to teachers’ community before the recurring budget. 

He said that Non-developmental expenditure increase in higher education sector was welcoming but Government should not burden academics on taxation front and consider in salary’s allocations for newly established universities in recurring budget, too.

Fazallullah Mohmad
The Frontier Post