PUTA flay HEC for meddling in UoP affairs

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President Peshawar University Teacher Association Jamil Ahmad Chetrali on Monday while talking to The Frontier Post criticized Secretary Higher Education for interfering in University of Peshawar affairs according to him such interference affects the autonomous status of the varsity. 

He said that Secretary HE Farah Hamid issued a letter to UoP in which she said that provincial government was intended to introduce amendments in the current Peshawar University Act 2011, in which UoP has mandate for hiring an internal auditor for the annual fiscal measurements of the varsity. 

He said that the letter stated that UoP cannot audit its budget from internal auditor but an external auditor from HED would be designated for that purpose. 

PUTA President said that secretary higher education had no mandate issuing letters to the varsity and government especially minister of education should ask Farah Hamid that who permitted her issuing letters to the varsity. 

It was clear violation of UoP Act and establishments in HED was misleading government for its own benefits therefore Chetrali added, government should probe the matter.